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The Experts

Intertrade-People is a collaboration between complementary partners who have earned their stripes in business, as well in Executive Search as in different management positions.

Our attitude: a deal = a deal. We are focused on qualitative Executive Search and deliver other Human Resources services on demand.

With our authenticity and craftsmanship we are frontrunners in sharing knowledge. We support with a constant quality, so your company gets the necassary impulse.

Our core values: custom work, discretion and focus on result.

Jan-Kees Marcus
Jan-Kees Marcus is an experienced manager with a broad orientation. He knows organisations and their staffing needs from different angles.

‘For me, a good collaboration with a client starts with listening. I ask questions, observe, read between the lines. Then you start seeing the things that are not immediately obvious. If necessary for a clear picture, I will not hesitate to seek a confrontation’.

About his personal drive: ‘Nothing is as challenging as supporting the positive growth of a company. To me that success is closely related to the degree in which an organization succeeds in finding the right management with the right attitude and making a real connection.

I also prefer efficient solutions. So you work lean by hiring services only if you need them.’

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Jan van der Kooij
In 2019, Jan van der Kooij decided to step down, at January 1st 2020, as partner of Intertrade-People and to change course.

Although Jan has stepped down, we think it might be useful to share some of his background.

Jan van der Kooij started as a headhunter in 2004 and he approaches and mediates candidates towards, as he calls it: ‘the optimal next step in a career’.

In addition to that, he not only matches on the hard demands, but he also makes sure that there is fit in the human aspects.

A successful placement is much more than just a new job or a new manager. It gives a boost on both sides.’