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Intertrade-People has been active with Talent Acquisition since 2004 with a focus on FMCG, FMCD, Agro-food, Seafood, Hospitality Industry & Specific Non-Food sectors with retailers, producers and wholesalers.


We have worked for 15 years on our network. With this extensive up-to-date national- and international network of candidates, we can act quickly.

The wishes and ambitions of (invisible) candidates are known on the basis of personal discussions. These insights are key, this is why we have exclusive focus on a selection of market segments and functional areas.

This up-to-date network ensures that we can act quickly and this gives us a head start. For every assignment we can immediately act and we reach the right top candidates as a result of our relationship.


This network is important, however, our very broad personal business experience, in the market segments mentioned, ensures that we understand your organization and challenges.

This “business” experience gives us a head start in the market and enables us to support companies in achieving or maintaining distinctive character and to achieve the desired growth by finding the right people for the organization that fit within the culture or that can give the organization a new direction.


We often hear from clients and candidates that our added value is embedded in a personal approach and attention before, during and after the assignment. Especially in this time this is of crucial importance because the professionalism of candidates is increasing.


And the latter is ultimately the most important, our personal contact, where we fully realize that a candidate has to make an important decision every time.

For us therefore, during a search process, the “People-First” principle remains the most important part of our selection process.



We specialize in the following job areas:

  • General Management;
  • Sales & Marketing;
  • Operations (incl. QA)
  • Research & Development;
  • Human Resource;
  • Finance.


In the following market segments

  • FMCG & FMCD- Retail and Out-of-Home;
  • Agrifood;
  • Seafood;
  • Hospitality Industry;
  • Specific Non-Food sectors.



For us, the organization analysis is the basis of a search.

The building blocks for an organizational analysis are the discussions with key figures within your organization to gain insight into the culture, the objectives and the strategy. The analysis is then used to give candidates a precise idea of what they can expect from the job and your organization.

As a result of the various interviews, a job profile will also be drawn up, for your approval.


With the organization analysis and the job profile we can start our search. If there are sufficient connection points between potential candidate and job profile, the candidate will appear on our long list and a telephone interview will follow. If there is a positive feeling from both sides, the candidate is placed on the short list.

Before you receive a shortlist from us, we have spoken extensively to the various potential candidates and there is always a personal interview.

This interview is intended to discuss the job profile, organization analysis and ambitions. If there is agreement about the suitability of the candidate, we will provide a candidate reports.


Together we discuss the candidates and obviously we motivate our choice.

On this basis, the client decides which candidates are called for a first round with the selection and any advisory committee. Then you conduct the selection interviews with your colleagues.

We supervise the selection interviews so that we get a clear picture of the interaction between our candidates and our client. We then provide well-considered advice to both the client and our candidates.

Throughout the procedure we are sparring partners, for you and for the candidate and we support both in making considerations and a final choice. We also agree on mutual wishes and advise on possibilities for contract negotiations.


With the appointment of the candidate a new phase starts, in which the procedure is evaluated first. We keep in touch to evaluate the initial experience of the selected candidate in his or her new environment.

Through our Onboarding Coaching we stay connected and ensure that your newest acquisition makes a flying start.

Via Onboarding Coaching we have three active contact moments: in month two, month four and month six. We offer active support in this process through coaching and help to identify and solve any problems in advance.

Candidates who are involved in the procedure can rely on a professional treatment where attention is paid to hospitality, respect, professionalism and confidentiality.

They can also expect a thorough selection process. Criterion-oriented interviews guarantee an objective and reliable assessment of the degree of fit with the vacancy in question.