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How can, an organization, obtain an authentic and distinctive preference for their target group?

Due to larger (name) awareness and employer brand it seems that large corporations (multinationals) have more appeal on the labor market than small and medium-sized enterprises

Many companies in the SME segment have an insufficient image, which means they remain unknown and may therefore be less attractive to potential applicants. Nevertheless, SMEs are certainly not inferior to large companies. It is a misconception that working conditions, employment conditions and development opportunities are lower in the SME sector.


Employer branding

We believe that SME companies can profile themselves much better on the labor market by strengthening their employer brand (Employer brand). Continuously working towards a better image as an employer ultimately helps to attract new employees (talent) and above all to fascinate and retain them.

Employer Branding aims to acquire an authentic and distinctive preference in the mind-set of (potential) employees and their influencers. So, make sure that the general image of your company is attractive, distinctive, authentic, but credible.


Your company speaks

This form of marketing is not focused on the (potential) customer market but on the labor market through good labor market communication. You should fascinate the (future) employee with what your company has to offer. Think of storytelling, experience page, blogs or let your own employees tell you their story as an ambassador. This is only a small list of possibilities, but they are certainly triggering for new employees.


Your image counts

The good image of you as an employer counts heavily in the current labor market. It contributes to qualitative applicants and employees who work with pride and motivation on your business objectives.


Our support

Intertrade-People deepens your objectives, the market in which you operate and your core values. After an extensive intake (both internally and externally) we analyze the position of your organization as an employer. From this we develop clear values ​​and points for attention, adding up to a new proposition, the Employer Brand.

In the first instance this is primarily an internal process. After securing the new proposition, the route to market follows. So, you can attract and retain the right team members.


Would you like to reflect with us or obtain more information about how you can fascinate (potential) employees to work at your company? Contact us.

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